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Ontu.org is a factual website providing Jesus-faith lessons, and tech lifehacks. Mainly student notes by Royce E. Barber. Articles at Ontu often contain the following and a lot more: Stock investing, 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D sculpting, photo repair, photo to vector outlines, websites and logos, welding and powertools, home remodeling, DIY maker lifehacks, computer tuneups and tutoring.

Royce E. Barber is an American Jesus-faith activist, and tech enthusiast in Fresno California USA. Ontu is his personal logo and mission statement.


Follow me on Facebook. Bookmark by pressing Ctrl D. There are no logins. This site is free, there's no paid content. I pay for ontu.org out of my personal funds. This site is not professional advice. I want to add a public comment area on each page. 


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