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Ontu.org is a Jesus-focused archive of Royce Barber's notes on technology. Not professional advice. Royce is an American tech enthusiast and Jesus-faith activist in Fresno California USA. Ontu is his personal logo and mission statement. 

Follow me on Facebook. Bookmark this site by pressing Ctrl D together. There are no logins on this site. I want to add Facebook comments, if anyone knows how with Drupal8. This site is free to you, there are no ads, there is no paid content nor compensation. I pay a lot for ontu.com out of my personal funds.


Top 5 Articles at the Moment: Weather SafetyMarriage Jokes. One-Liner Jokes. Maker Do-It-Yourself Materials. Bumper Sticker Humor. Central California & Fresno Yearly Events. TipJar.



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